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Randy Crane is a highly-regarded speaker, presenting engaging and thought-provoking messages on a variety of topics. He has a natural rapport and connection with audiences that makes them relate well to him, engage in his presentations, and come away with a fresh understanding of the subject at hand.

As host of the “Stories of the Magic” podcast, Randy is a natural interviewer and makes those he chats with comfortable enough to open up. He uses these same gifts as a life and personal development coach.

Randy grew up in the church, but—like many others—wandered away from the faith for a time in high school. Now, he is an ordained minister, with both a Bachelor’s degree in Church Ministry (emphasis in Preaching) and a Master’s degree in Congregational Leadership from Hope International University in Fullerton,CA. He has been preaching and teaching since 1998, and has been a drummer/percussionist on church worship teams since 1992. He married his wonderful wife Faye in November of 2000. They had their first child—a girl, and an answer to many, many prayers—in April of 2015.

While life is rooted and grounded in Christ, Randy also seeks to know the beauty of God’s creation, and of the creations of other people. As a result, he’s an avid reader—especially of science fiction & fantasy, which he also enjoys in movies and TV—an Annual Passholder at both Sea World & Disneyland, and a Disneyland history enthusiast. He has swam with bottlenose dolphins & played with grey wolves (yes, real wolves), and is an amateur photographer. He also enjoys the beauty in math and science, and much more. Randy has combined many of his passions into a book using Disneyland as a framework and series of illustrations for the Christian Life.

It is Randy’s desire that God uses him to bring people to a greater understanding of the Truth in a way that doesn’t merely sound good, but that makes a real, deep, lasting difference in their lives.

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Thank you for your interest in me and Faith and the Magic Kingdom. If you’d like to contact me for an interview, a review copy of the book, or to inquire about me speaking at your event, you can take the next step by contacting me and telling me about your event and what you’re looking for. Email me at or call me at (714) 867-7398.