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In this Book, You will Discover:

Biblical Truth in the Happiest Place on Earth

Learn biblical lessons from time spent at Disneyland. These are truly inspiring lessons that make you think about how you look at Disneyland and the world as a whole. From entering the park to each ride there is a lesson to be taken away.

Encouragement and Comfort

An uplifting way to remind you that God is in control of all things and wants the best for you, just as Walt Disney wanted the best of what his ideas could be to enhance the lives of those visiting his parks.

A New Perspective

See both Disneyland and your faith through different eyes. God is in the midst of every good thing--but do we have the eyes to see it?

A Unique Family Devotional

Pick up this book today and read it along with your family. Your next visit to Disneyland--or any Disney park--will taken to a new level!

About the Author: Randy Crane

Randy Crane is a nationally known speaker, author, and life coach. With the heart of a pastor and teacher, the kindness of a friend, and the willingness to challenge you to reach beyond what you think you can do and be, Randy merges his educational background, his work experience, and his unique blend of passions with a dream for helping others to realize their God-given identity and purpose.

Randy married his wonderful wife, Faye, in November of 2000, and they live in the Orange County, California area. They are active in their church and community--including walking every year in the CHOC/Disneyland Resort Walk in the Park to raise money for Children's Hospital of Orange County. They have two cats, Wall*E and Eve, who keep them almost as busy as their baby daughter does.

When not doing the work that he loves as a Life and Personal Development Coach, Randy can usually be found helping people with their dream vacations as a travel agent, specializing in Disney destinations & cruises, and in celebration, event, and bucket-list travel.

What People Are Saying

Pat Williams, Orlando Magic cofounder and Senior Vice President, author of "How to Be Like Walt"

“In Faith and the Magic Kingdom, Randy does an exceptional job of taking this familiar and fanciful place and showing it to be so much more, drawing from it practical lessons and valuable reminders for a dynamic life of faith. If you’re a fan of Disneyland and a Christian, this book is a must-read! ”

David Koenig, author of "Mouse Tales: A Behind-the-Ears Look at Disneyland"

“Randy Crane ingeniously provides what amounts to a Disneyland Devotional, drawing spiritual lessons from life inside the Magic Kingdom to improve our walk with Christ. He uses the attractions, the architecture, the parades, the cast members, the characters, nearly everything about “The Happiest Place on Earth” as the springboard for solid, accessible biblical teaching.

Kenneth Samples, author of "7 Truths That Changed the World"

“Author Randy Crane cleverly draws upon ideas in Disney’s Magic Kingdom to illustrate and underscore historic Christian truths and principles. Crane knows both Kingdoms well and shows how Disney’s magic is sometimes a useful metaphor for understanding God’s historic and eternal Kingdom.”

Lee Cockerell, Executive Vice President (Retired & Inspired), Walt Disney World® Resort

“No matter what your faith is, you will find Faith and the Magic Kingdom interesting, educational and inspirational.”

    • What does the Indiana Jones Adventure have to do with integrity?
    • How does the Mad Tea Party demonstrate the importance of focusing on Jesus?
    • What can Buzz Lightyear Astro Blasters teach you about success?
    • What makes Tom Sawyer Island unique, and how does it set an example for taking risks as a Christian?
    • What is the history of the Partners Statue, and what does it teach you about how much God loves you?
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Look No Further for Your Disneyland Devotional!

Disneyland is all about story, and God is a God of story––and of visual aids. Faith and the Magic Kingdom combines your favorite Disney theme park attractions (and more) with God's story of love, turning the park into a 3-dimensional parable. Learn to see Disneyland in a whole new way while you experience true abundant life in Christ.

Faith and the Magic Kingdom will refresh you, challenge you, and encourage you to be the person God made you to be.

Why Wait? Get the book now!